From The Dark Into The Light...


Falling Below are a hard rock/alternative metal band based in Nottingham, England.

With aggressive guitars, anthemic choruses and emotion-packed vocals, their music has a truly unique sound unlike anything within the modern rock and metal space: something that fans of the genre are sure to love.

The 5-piece consists of lead vocalist Alex James Methven, lead guitarist Christo Loukopoulos, rhythm guitarist Rory Lewis, bassist Harley Bicknell and drummer Ryan Hextall, with Methven and Loukopoulos being the driving creative force behind the group.

From The Dark Into The Light…

The band officially formed in 2020, during the global pandemic when in-person meet-ups were restricted and the effects of isolation were wearing on everyone.

After overcoming many obstacles and personal challenges, they were able to craft something truly special with their self-titled debut EP, “Falling Below”.

Recorded with accomplished musician Rich Moss, the EP delves into lyrical themes of betrayal, grief and loss, with five dark, moody and powerful tracks that perfectly balance feelings of despair and hope.

The result is a moving soundtrack of resilience that inspires listeners to rise above their own difficulties and limitations.

“Falling Below” Released worldwide on November 10th 2023, marking the start of a musical journey that will no doubt make an impact in the industry